pks 2015Prague guitar quartet was founded at the Prague Conservatory in 1984. This unusual ensemble is invited to perform at prestigious music festivals (Prague Spring, Paris, Tel Aviv, Miami…); they have performed in most European countries, the USA, Israel; and they have given hundreds of concerts in the Czech Republic. The quartet has made many recordings for the radio, television and released numerous compact discs.

They have received critical acclaim not only for the virtuosity of the quartet’s individual members but above all, for their homogeneity of sound, original musical expression of the quartet and exquisite choice of repertoire. Prague Guitar Quartet is regarded as one of the best guitar ensembles in the world today.

 Their artistic quality has inspired many excellent Czech and foreign composers to compose directly for this ensemble ( J. W. Duarte, Š. Rak, J. Morel...). The Quartet has on its repertoire a unique concert for four guitars and an orchestra by Joaquin Rodrigo. Another rich source of their repertoire are their own arrangements of music of different styles and periods. The members of the Quartet are: Marek Velemínský, Václav Kučera, Jan Tuláček a Patrik Vacík.